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Health Plans Path, Corp (HPP) is a Management Service Organization (MSO/IPA) devoted to promote PCPs (primary care physicians) relationships with Managed Care Organizations mainly publicly funded health insurance programs - HMOs like Medicaid and Medicare Advantage.


About Us

Our Services

The Health Plans Path, Corp (HPP) management team is a group of healthcare consultants that have been helping physicians to operate their practices as a business since 1983.

HPP can assist PCP practices in many ways:
  1. PCPs’ Practices participate in our Medicare and Medicaid HMO Network, receive capitation and participate in our incentive plan, a matchless Pay-by-Performance alternative to participating providers; it awards additional compensation for excellence in their practices.

  2. The HPP Management Team assists Large PCP offices, Group Practices and/or IPA to operate successfully their Medicare and Medicaid Risk Agreements with HMOs. Physicians handle the HMO membership and the HPP Team takes care of the Risk operation.